Debra Wagoner

Debra Wagoner

Thursday, December 31, 2009

What the hell, I gave up facebook....

Well, yesterday I gave up facebook. I was on it ALL the damn time. And then, I got into a discussion with a bunch of people, most of who(or whom) I didn't know. The last straw was when one of them said something to the effect of "anyone offended by anything anyone writes on facebook deserves to be sad and confused because their priorities are so messed up". Wow. Ok. That was just the wake up call I needed. For about ten seconds I thought, yeah, I DO deserve to unhappy. WTF!!!!! Since when did I start LISTENING to random people on facebook? Run away Debra, run away. And so I did. And all day long today I have pined away. I mean, I really MISS facebook. All the funny stuff that made me laugh. All the trivial little day to day things about what my friends were up to. But I didn't reactivate. I feel like I gave up cigarettes. Or crack.

I might go back on facebook in awhile. But I might not. I think it would be sort of cool if I never went back.

ANYWAY, that's why I have hopped on the blog-wagon.

If anyone reads this, great. I'll be enabling the comment moderation, so that means if you post something pissy you will not be seeing it. Sorry. Because this is my blog. MINE MINE MINE. MWWWHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Whew. Sorry. Most of all I want to wish all my loved ones a very Happy New Year! Hoping 2010 brings everyone something wonderful!