Debra Wagoner

Debra Wagoner

Monday, February 8, 2010

I want to be Betty White

Yep. I pretty much do. I want to live to be a ripe old age and still be able to, comically speaking, wipe the floor with any one's ass even then. That lady rocks it. Always has. Does anyone remember Sue Ann Nivens? Here is a quote from the Mary Tyler Moore show that I found online. Delivered as only Betty White could deliver it.

(After Sue Ann insults the wallpaper in the mens' room.)
Mary:Did you crash the mens' room?
Sue Ann:Of course not! (Pause) I went as somebody's guest.

And, The Who was GREAT last night. And all the people who called them geezers are assholes. Period. Any one of you would crawl over broken glass nekkid to have one tenth of their career. Or income. Or great drugs. Or great sex. And still be upright and able to sing and play the guitar and play the Super Bowl, much less string two coherent sentences together. So, as Daughtry might say: "Bugger off, twats!"

Ahem. Now to use Audra's phrase: that is all.