Debra Wagoner

Debra Wagoner

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Blue Eyeshadow. Red Shoes.

I remember watching my mother get ready for work when I was little. I remember the liquid eyeliner, the blue eyeshadow, red lipstick. The cloud of hairspray. And her outfits were always "sharp". She had a pair of red shoes that I thought were the best thing ever. Her skin was flawless. Her eyes were large and green and I thought she was the prettiest lady in the whole world. I would get so mad when people told me I looked like my Dad. He was a BOY. Here was my Mama, the penultimate picture of what a female should be. I was going to be her.

Never mind that it took years into my marriage to get comfortable leaving the house without makeup. (My Mom: "Aren't you going to put on some lipstick or something? You look tired.")She still says I look tired if I visit her house sans makeup to this day. My husband Joe finally convinced me, however, that I do not look like some hideous, suffering, sub-species swamp creature if I leave the house without blush and concealer. Nor do I necessarily need sunglasses, unless it's really sunny out. But...I still think of my Mom every time I look like crap in the grocery store and run into someone I know. (Mom:"I told you")

Today I had to help my Mom find some Rx pills she misplaced, get rid of some Rx's that she no longer should have around, and insist that she no longer keep her medications in the bedroom where they can't be monitored by Dad. She looked like a little girl. She has a pill minder and now we all hope she will mind her pills.

As time goes on, I like to think more about that pretty lady getting ready in front of the mirror. She still has those lovely, large green eyes.

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