Debra Wagoner

Debra Wagoner

Monday, January 18, 2010

My Grandma Wagoner

My brain has been ALL over the place lately. But one person I keep coming back to is my paternal grandmother. Lois Wagoner. As my parents and my husband's parents turn a corner health-wise I've been thinking of her. I miss her alot. Here are some things I remember about her that make me smile.

She always stopped whatever she was doing every weekday to watch her "stories". Back then these were "The Doctors", "Another World", and "Days of Our Lives". But, she always had some sort of busywork. She didn't just SIT there. There were beans to snap, or crochet or something else to work on.

She made a teeny tiny dress on her sewing machine for my Skipper doll. She made alot of her own clothes for many years, was quite a seamstress until her hands and eyes wouldn't co-operate anymore.She was no spring chicken when she made that itty bitty dress, and I still have the doll and the dress.

She was sort of scary religious. Was raised to think most fun things were sinful. But was married to a drinker and a gambler. From what I hear anyway, as my paternal grandfather died when I was a baby. So I think she had a soft spot for rogues. Because she always spoke of her husband with love and affection. And though she told us she was taught that dancing was a sin, she came to all of the dance recitals my sister and I performed. Why? Because we were her grand babies, and she LOVED us. She was proud of us and our sparkly costumes and tap routines and figured the Lord would just understand.

She was a GREAT hugger. And she always smelled really good. She was fond of Avon products. I know, I know. But she never overdid with the perfume or lotion, she just smelled sweet. Like Grandma's are supposed to.

This is really sounding like the-perfect-cookie-cutter-Grandma. She wasn't perfect of course. No one is. But I gotta tell you, she was rare. I haven't come across many people like her.

Thank you Grandma.

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  1. What a nice post about your grandma. I loved my grandmas too!
    My G.M. Serresseque used to take me to the sink and wash my hands every day before lunch. She did it until I was in my teens. I loved it and I miss it to this day.